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Timed Practice - discuss words?

When I do the timed practise, and want to discuss a word/sentence, the timer doesn't stop. This, I think, is very impractical, and a bit illogical. We should be able to discuss it without losing the XPs, and without the lesson finishing. The point is to learn, and the lesson finishing because you have a question, is not so educating.

I put this post in this section as I wasn't sure on where else to put it.

Hoping Duolingo will do something about this, making the clock stop when you go to the discuss section.

May 16, 2015



Meanwhile, you can use these userscripts (http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts), if you don't mind stuff that messes with your browser console settings. DuoTweak and/or Duolingo Mods have the pause feature for timed practice.

That said, this question has been raised and discussed before, and I'm pretty sure Duo is aware of it. And we are at a stalemate. Because the beauty of the timed practice is that it forces you to answer questions really quickly, without second thoughts and then jump onto the next question. Having a pause button would be redundant, and take away from the purpose of timed practice that people would also be most likely to abuse. Besides, at the end of the test you can always review your answers, and see what you got wrong so you know where you need to practice. If you are really in so much need to read the discussion tips, for the particular skill you're practicing, then maybe you aren't prepared yet for a timed session and still need to learn some more. You could just attempt the normal practice until you feel you are prepared, and most questions on Duolingo are recycled, so if there was a discussion you missed out on in timed practice, you will likely come across it again in normal practice.

There is another thing you could try. I prefer to not have the pause feature when I'm doing my timed practice, so whenever I get an answer wrong on it and need to refer to the discussion bit, I spend my precious few seconds to view the discussion, follow it then immediately come back to the exam. So when I'm done with my practice, I can go back to check my followed discussions and read up on them later.


Thank you for such a thorough answer. I see your point regarding abusing a pause button, I was thinking more of a function that pauses the game either when you enter the discussion section, or before you press next question. I usually read the discussion section out of curiosity of why 60+ people have commented on a sentence, or because my answer should have been accepted.

Anyway, thanks for the tip about follow discussion, I didn't know you could do that. So from now on, if I'm in a timed lesson, and want to read a discussion, I'll just follow it! :-)

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