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Inconsistent/unpredictable XP scoring

It's been quite difficult to figure out what's going on with all the recent changes - can't tell what's a bug and what's a feature that I don't understand.

Unpredictable XP scoring does seem to be a bug, though (or at least a poorly-designed feature). On the web app, I get the maximum score (10 XP) much more often than on the mobile app, which seems to be far more strict.

Perhaps more importantly: how does Duo decide when a lesson needs reviewing? If it's awarding me only 5 XP, doesn't that mean Duo should have waited longer before putting it up for review? I think it has to be consistent: either lessons only go up for review when they're worth 10 XP, or the tree should show me how much each lesson is worth. It becomes annoying when you're defending a long streak and can't tell if a given lesson will give enough XP to hit your target.

May 16, 2015



Use timed practices if that is your only problem with it (but this comes with the catch that you have to get things right to gain XP).


Thanks. I can live with it personally, just reporting a weakness of the product so they can improve it, if they wish to.

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