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  5. Dopo due anni ho finito!


Dopo due anni ho finito!

I finally finished my Italian tree with it all being golden. Next up is to work through Babbel and increase listening comprehension. I think next I will work on Spanish from Italian. "In bocca al lupo"!

May 16, 2015



Complimenti!! :D Working on Spanish from Italian will definitely help you with both languages :)


Congrats, well done. Good luck doing your Spanish from Italian, sounds fun. You also get quite some new words/phrases from English for Italians ;)


The Italian to Spanish course is 60% hatched so I will do the reverese Italian to English tree for now. Thanks.


Complimenti e un Buon proseguimento!


Bravo. When and where in Italy would you like to visit? Avoid August to maximize pleasure.


Buona consigning ma a bit of a Napoli I adesso.


77 days streak is very impressive




Awesome! How long did it take you to do that?


It took me two years but I stopped for about 6 months and then had to go back and refresh everything to get back to Gold. Try doing 30 XP a day to make steady progress.


Good for you! Spanish from Italian sounds like a smart way to learn how not to mix the two languages up.


how is Babbel compared to Duolingo? do you need to exercice in italian? i am avaible.


I completed both the beginners and intermediate courses on Babbel prior to finding Duolingo. I have to say that the Babbel courses are not as much fun and therefore I do not repeat them. Duo has been much better for me. I am considering restarting the Babbel courses from the beginning to see if I can get more out of them now that I have a much better basic understanding of the grammar. Babbel does take time to explain things like verb conjugation where Duo just gives them to you to practice until you learn them. They are two different ways to teach and I think that both have their purpose. But Duo is more fun :-)


I agree Duolingo is more fun, but Babbel has more vocabulary. So, like most multiple methods are useful as you move toward increased fluency.


bravo. Anche se ci hai messo un pò troppo tempo. Ti volevo chiedere se Babbel effettivamente aumenta di più le tue conoscenze

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