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başka vs. diğer

I have a little question: Is there a difference between başka and diğer? Both do mean 'other', as far as I know. So can I always use both?

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May 16, 2015



That's an easy one.

Başka is indefinite; diğer is definite. In other words:

Başka = another

Diğer = the other


this is a shorter and better explanation. I approve that :D


Thank you for the explanation. Have a Lingot :D


Even though they are synonyms, There are some differences in terms of meaning and usage. it is hard to explain. 'başka' might also mean 'apart from' as in ''Senden başka kim geldi? = who came apart from you''. You cannot use diğer here instead.

Also 'diğer' is used if you know the others you talking about, Otherwise 'başka' is used. For example:

Başka şarkı söyleyebilir misin? = could you sing another song?

Diğer şarkıyı söyleyebilir misin? = Could you sing the other song?

Başka kişiler duymamalı = Other people (apart from the people who can hear) must not hear

Diğer kişiler duymamalı = the other people (the others) must not hear


Thank you for the explanation and the examples - açıklama ve örnekler için teşekkür ederim. Have a Lingot :D


I think two different things


Here is the full definition

Başka = another, other, else, different, another one
Başka bir = another
-dAn başka = other than
Başkası = another person, someone else
başkaları = other people

Diğer = the other
Diğer bir = another
Diğeri = the other one
diğerleri = the others

Generally başka is indefinite (another, other) while diğer is definite (the other). But you can also say diğer bir (another) as indefinite. Başka also means farklı (different).

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