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"Hvor mange nødudgange har bygningen?"

Translation:How many emergency exits does the building have?

May 16, 2015



It's really annoying when non-native speakers pontificate about English usage and thereby mislead other non-native speakers.


Why is 'has the building' not allowed? Seems silly.


No, it's not silly. It's just English grammar.

If you ask for an object (the emergency exits --> accusative), you have to use "do / does" with most verbs ("to be" is one of the exceptions).

"How many cars have you?" is wrong.

It must be "How many cars do you have?"


Not true. It's just that the simple form is hardly ever used nowadays, but it is perfectly possible, e.g. How many brothers and sisters have you?

[deactivated user]

    That's actually a joke that Danish children like to tell.

    • Hvad kalder man et egerns røvhul?

    • En nødudgang!

    But continuing on with the compound words of my last answer, "nut exit" would really be "nøddeudgang".

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