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Not receiving lingots for streak?

I have not received lingots in around 30 days of my streak. I didn't get them at 90, 100, or 110. I keep waiting, and I have sent multiple messages to the site via their "contact us" function and I have received zero responses (it's been weeks since the first one).

I am curious if anyone actually even checks help messages which are sent in to the site or if that redirects messages to a dead location or something. Edit: I say this also because I have sent troubleshooting/help questions in the past about other topics which also received no response.

Regardless: Is anyone else experiencing this? What can I do about it?

May 16, 2015



There's an A/B test that's been underway for the past few weeks to see if receiving lingots for a streak really are an incentive for DuoLingo users. Many of us haven't been receiving them during the period you noted. Do a search and you'll see lots of discussions and lots of well deserved complaints.


That's really upsetting, because this is the third or fourth time I've been on the bad end of one of these A/B tests. It sucks too, because the only way to prove that its actually an incentive is to ruin the streak I've had for three months.


Exactly! Many of us considered a protest break, but continuing to learn daily and the thought of losing the streak is more important to most learners than receiving lingots, thereby making it an invalid test. We await the results...


I broke my streak of 421 days due, in part, to being on the bad end of this A/B test. I got really sick and decided it wasn't worth logging in just to keep that big number beside the little flame. If I'd had 43 lingots hanging in the balance I probably would have logged in.


I dumped my streak and set daily to 50xp so I won't often meet the daily requirement - it's just a gimmick that is giving me more stress than motivation.. Most other sites do the same thing and I'd much rather split my studies into 2 or more times a day on average. I'd rather see more flexible weekly goals available, or just show me my daily average progression so I can better estimate and feel good about it.

Another discouraging aspect about not being able to estimate my progress is that at random times (from my perspective), I have to spend a day or two recovering skills, instead of being encouraged to both refresh and learn new lessons daily. The course is designed that way - the full skill material isn't presented at once, so the skipping back at random times is built into the course. The only way around this is to redo or practice the skills on my own schedule to try avoiding the random refreshing requirement.

The XP levels also don't really correlate to reaching certain points in the tree - they're just arbitrary. Once I hit my daily goal for XP, I'm not motivated to do more that day, knowing that anything extra I did today won't help with tomorrow's goal - the system doesn't present me any measure my daily average progress overall or week-wise.

Overall, it's not bad, but we just have too many gimmicks to manage that don't directly contribute to learning, and I'm tired of trying to keep to the "duolingo way" when that keeps changing during the course of learning a single language. It's also frustrating that XP daily goals are global and not per-language, so I quit doing a bit of each language a day because of daily XP goal requirements to maintain a streak.

Honestly, I'd rather fit this into my schedule and what works best for me, than trying to conform to a changing system that is testing us to see what works best for a single site-wise system. It would be better for my learning if I wasn't playing a "game of points and streaks."


Back when all reviews got 10XP, I started each day with one to three general "Strengthen Skills" from the home page. Then I'd either tackle a new lesson, review yesterday's new lesson(s), or do some more general strengthening. I never had a skill lose its gold because I did so much review.

But now the reviews get fewer points and I have begun doing a new skill 2-4 times until I'm comfortable with it, and moving on. I only review when a skill loses its gold.

I'm progressing a lot faster now but I'm not sure if I retain as well this way. It's too early to tell. I'm willing to wait and see though.


I'm not sure how they can know what my incentive is. Lingots don't directly affect my learning, but since I am not earning as many now, I won't be using practice quizzes as much. What works for me, A or B, should be something I decide and choose. Then I can give feedback based on having tried one way then another. Changing something for some and then measuring the difference might show that lingots earned in sprees are or are not the motivation for sprees in general, but giving me options and letting me chose what works better for me seems much better than randomly being on one side of a test or another, then afterwards being stuck with whatever decision was made for everyone.


If lingots are that important to you, here, have some: I have way too many.


Thanks, I appreciate it. But at the same time, lingots aren't "that important to me". For one thing, I thought it was a site issue and was just asking about it. For another, it really is a lot of work to put in logging in every single day to keep learning. To not be given lingots anymore for something which had always given them in the past is a little bit troubling. It's not the lingots themselves, it's the fact that I keep getting stuck on these A/B tests and it just negatively effects my user experience.

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