"Today the cook is not coming in the restaurant."

Translation:Aşçı bugün restorana girmiyor.

May 16, 2015

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The statement is not an English construction. We would say (as in the Turkish) coming to or into the restaurant. "Coming in the restaurant" is a sexual vulgarism meaning having an orgasm; not what one would want in a restaurant.


Truly, it is incorrect as it stands; it would have to be "to" or "into."


why restorana and not restoranda?


because it is the dative case (restoranA) and not the locative case (restoranDA). where are you going to? - to the restaurant (restoranA) where are you? - at the restaurant (restoranDA)

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Why is girmek used in the model answer even though gelmek is accepted?


What does "Coming in the restaurant" mean? a person come to a place NOT come in the place?


Bernard892007 pointed out three years ago that the English is incorrect here and the sentence still has not been corrected! The correct English translation is "Today the cook is not coming into the restaurant." "Today the cook is not coming to the restaurant," is acceptable, though that would be translated as gelmiyor. As a native American English speaker, I would have understood the sentence to have the vulgar meaning as Bernard explained, but that verb is usually spelled "❤❤❤❤❤❤❤"


is there a difference between restoran and lokanta?


I use "lokanta" every day and people look at me with weird eyes as if to say "Lokanta? Are you a villager?" - so I guess it's slowly falling out of use. And then I tell myself "meh, who cares…"

No difference for me.


in old times, people used to go to restaurants for different reasons and in those days they were called 'lokanta'. For example There were restaurants who used to serve the employees of the shops around only. And then new concepts came into our lives and people started to go to restaurants instead of cooking at home. The restaurants with this new concept were called 'restoran'. Therefore, today, the word 'lokanta' is usually perceived as old and primitive.

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Why can we not use this word order: Bugün lokantaya aşçı gelmiyor

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