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  5. "Er det dig på det fotografi?"

"Er det dig det fotografi?"

Translation:Is that you in that photograph?

May 16, 2015



Why can't it be 'on that photograph'?


Why is the translation "Is it you in that photo" not correct? Isn't photo a common short version of the "photograph"?


Check Google, the phrase "on that photograph" shows up in blog posts, song lyrics, and even books. Why is it not accepted here?


It's not idiomatic.

"On that photograph" is a correct phrase, but has a different meaning, in that there's a physical object on the surface. Like a smudge.
It's a common mistake, though, especially among non-native English speakers, since literally every other European language I encountered deals with a picture's contents with its form of "on".


Why is"in the photograph" not correct? Couldn't it be the definite form of the noun?


No, because "the photograph" would be "fotografiet".

[deactivated user]

    Photo, picture and image should all be accepted translations (they are not in this exercise) - photograph is too formal for an informal conversation suggested in this sentence.


    Photo is accepted


    I am confused about when it is "this"or"that"

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