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"Normalt spiser jeg morgenmad her."

Translation:Normally I eat breakfast here.

May 16, 2015



To say 'I eat breakfast' seems weird to me. Do danes really say that they 'eat' breakfast?

[deactivated user]

    Yes we do.


    Oke, thanks for the confirmation!


    Actually, in many languages they say "to eat breakfast" and "to have breakfast" would mean that one posesses breakfast but not necesserly eats it. Or-some languages use a verb "breakfast" (I'm breakfasting).


    As a Brit, I don't know


    This is becoming frustrating, but IS there a general rule for inversion between a verb and and an adverb when the adverb describes the verb? Or should I just flip a coin and invert those randomly?


    What is the diffrence between "Normally i eat here breakfast" And "Normally i eat breakfast here"


    In english you "might" say "Normally I eat here FOR breakfast" meaning not THERE. But "Normally I eat breakfast here" doesn't strongly mean NOT THERE, but just what I do.


    Really sounds like she says "er" rather than "jeg" unless I slow it down. Just me?


    I normally eat breakfast in the morning but when, as a native English speaker I write “I normally eat” Duolingo demands that it be “Normally I eat”. Both should be accepted. And please don’t tell me that it is a split infinitive because there is no infinitive in that sentence.

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