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  5. Didn't get my streak lingots!


Didn't get my streak lingots!

I did not get my lingots for a 130 streak nor a 140 day streak and a 150 day streak . Any reason?!?

May 16, 2015



It's an A/B test which is completely random. Unfortunately, you were part of the "random" set of users that didn't receive lingots for your streak. ;(


As said by Plyze, it's an A/B test. See here.

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Before I stopped getting my streak lingots around day 180, I had never (since my first few days on DL, on a travel day) missed a day. Since then, I have missed three days (and spent 10 lingots for the streak freeze to preserve my streak). This is anecdotal evidence that the streak lingots are a "gamification" motivator to keep me coming back to the site consistently.

Six months, no missed days. Six weeks, three missed days.


I agree that it's probably an a/b test. I'm in the control group: have some lingots.


I'm not getting any lingots for my special 500 streak ;(


That's not fair!


Same thing happened to me. How can we recover them?


You can't. See the explanations about this A/B test in this discussion (and the links in it).


I had been getting my streak lingots through day 60, but did not get it for 70 or 80. Would the A/B test be instituted at any time? Will it ever change back? Maybe if I drop my streak and start again? If anyone knows, please explain.

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