"Der Händler"

Translation:The dealer

December 25, 2012

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In American English, "dealer" is pretty much only used if someone sells cars, drugs, or antiques. Does the German word have a broader meaning?


Yeah, but you'd generally say what kind of dealer. For a drug dealer, Germans usually say der Dealer (pronounced basically like English, as though it were spelt Dieler)


According to Langenscheidt Wörterbuch, "der Händler" is basically "salesperson". In everyday situations, it most likely translates to "shop assistant" or "salesclerk".


Shop assistant and salesclerk actually wouldn't be called "Händler" but "Verkäufer"/"Verkäuferin". "Händler" would rather be the owner of a small store selling vegetables, someone selling to shopowners (thus, not directly to end customers) or someone selling cars.


Do all the German words that end with -er and refer to people follow these rules? male: -er, (pl.) -er female: -erin, (pl.) -erinnen


This is true for most cases. However, exceptions exist:

For example::


  • Male: Der Arzt; Die Ärzte (pl)
  • Female: Die Ärztin; Die Ärztinnen (pl)


  • Male: Der Soldat; Die Soldaten (pl)
  • Female: Die Soldatin; Die Soldatinnen (pl)

There are more, but these are all I can remember right now.


Duo dictionary says to use "seller" and doesn't even list dealer. I know it means both, but I'm tired of trying to guess which one of several options Duo wants. I go with "seller". REJECTED.

Seriously the WORST unit I've seen here so far. So many stupid mistakes that Duo has ignored for YEARS.


I would like to ask if the possible translation "The tradesman" is correct. If so i may ask a correction by Duolingo.


In my dialect of English, tradesman (or tradie) means der Handwerker.


I thought "Händler" meant "trader". Does it mean like a drug dealer as well or something? Because when you say dealer it means like a drug dealer or like a poker player or something . . . HELP!


As mentioned above, der Händler can be translated to drug dealer and trader in those contexts. However, the literal translation is salesperson, as well as in commercial terms trader/dealer/merchant.


What is the plural form of this word?


For these sorts of questions you should utilize one of the many online dictionaries available. Such as leo.org or dict.cc.

Plural: die Händler / die Händlerinnen


Hover over the German word "Händler" here, and the hint returns the English word "seller". Use The seller as a response and get it wrong, get "the dealer" as the correct response. I have an issue with this.


Bro it literally tells me Handler is seller.... then counts it wrong.


the drop down menu suggests agent , but it is not accepted.


A trader. A dealer. People who handle things - Handler. Brilliant!


Random curiosity: if you were a spy, would your handler be called "Meister", "Chef", or "Haendler"(as a bad cognate)?


So German will be my third language and my first is Swedish and is sometimes very similar to German


Is the haggler not acceptable?


Well the German for the verb 'to haggle' is 'feilschen', but I'm not 100% about the word for 'haggler'. But 'Handler' (yes, yes, I know, there's no umlaut) means generally: trader, dealer (including cars etc), store owner and such words as 'Fischhandler', Fleischhandler, Gemusehandler, well you get the drift. Again, no umlauts as I have to add them from another place for now, and it's inconvenient.


Sound is unclear


The problem I have is that Duo keeps suggesting the wrong word, in this case the wrong word is the only available suggestion. It makes no sense to give you the translation that doesn't apply here. I knew the answer was Dealer but decided to double check and I got it wrong, BTW if it weren't for this WRONG answer, I would have gotten 100%.

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