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"Havde du ringet til kontoret?"

Translation:Had you called the office?

May 16, 2015



What's wrong with 'Had you rung the office'?


"Had you called to the office?" marked wrong. Unfair, because usually the best way to avoid being marked wrong by Duolingo is to keep it as literal as possible.


Wouldn't this actually translate to "had you called the office?" (at a certain point in time), while "ringede du til kontoret?" would be a more fitting translation?


"Ringede du til kontoret?" is added now. Thank you :)

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I'm going from dk to en here. I'm surprised that "did you call the office" is given as the translation for "Havde du ringet til kontoret."


Yeah, me too. It really isn't correct. The sentence is taught in the Past Perfect skill, and the solution in English is in the simple past tense. Unfortunately we cannot edit the taught sentences until we can edit the entire tree, only the solutions and translations.

EDIT: Yes I can! "Had you called the office" is now the best translation, just like "Havde du/I ringet til kontoret" is the best one in Danish. Also, "Did you call the office?" and "Ringede du/I til kontoret?" are removed, as they aren't correct. I didn't know that we could do that, haha. As a side note, I wasn't a contributor when the tree was created, I was "hired" to get the reports under control back in February :) A big thank you for notifying me about this sentence again !

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1 lingot for you, sir! :-)

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