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  5. "Je prends mon appareil."

"Je prends mon appareil."

Translation:I take my device.

December 25, 2012



"appareil" is quite usually used for "camera" - but that was rejected.



I hesitated too - but went for the safer "device". The fact is that yes, in an unambiguous situation eg you're a photographer, someone just called for emergency news and you're rushing out of your home yelling "I'm taking my camera" to your spouse, yes you will use this exact sentence, but in a general sense it has a broader meaning. Actually, I'm even surprised wordreference doesn't even reflect that usage: http://www.wordreference.com/fren/appareil

Another use besides "device/machine/apparatus" is "airplane". Not sure Duo accepts "I take my plane" here, though. :D


Ah, I just learned appareil as camera in Percy Jackson, and I thought I was doing well! :)


Larousse says "camera" is "appareil photo." Perhaps "appareil" by itself is colloquial or informal.


That's how I learned it, but it still confuses me. :'(

[deactivated user]

    It is quite common to us "appareil" for telephone in French. When ask who is on the other side of the phone, we say "Qui est à l'appareil ? " The response is usually " C'est xxx à l'appareil."


    That's appareil-photo (photo device). Not every device is a photo device (camera).


    Because 'I take my device' is an unusual (but not unheard of) sentence in English, I wrote 'I take my equipment' which would be easily understood, but not accepted. The word 'device' conjures up a special purpose, unusual, clever, ingenious, problem-solving piece of equipment. I agree with SeanMeaneyPL on this page.


    Could have been : I am taking my camera Appareil can also be translated as camera depending on the context.


    it is translated as both camera and device in another question on this topic - so why not here?


    You could report it. See the very first discussion on top of this page...


    How about "gadget"?


    Since I am still not allowed to take my equipment, I am taking my device today and the owl is happy.


    What exactly does "device" mean here? I put instrument because that's always what appareil has seemed to mean to me - a piece of equipment that does a specific job. I guess that's a device, but that's not a word I would use in english. The only time I hear people say "device" they really mean "electronic device" like an iPad.


    surely camera is 'appareil de photo'?


    "I take my device"?! What a dumb sentence

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