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"I would like to learn not to look in the box."

Translation:Jeg vil gerne lære ikke at kigge i kassen.

May 17, 2015



What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE BOX?


With the ikke after lære doesn't that mean that they dont want to learn to look, rather than learning not to look? Would the ikke have to come before lære for it to have that meaning?


I would also like to see the answer to this question! Logically it seems to me if ikke goes after lærne it means not learn, but the English sentence means is to learn to not look.


I might be wrong about this one but could it possibly be the same trick as in "Jeg tror ikke at han kommer" rather than "Jeg tror at han ikke kommer"? A possible explanation would be that in Danish the main verb is the one that takes the negative form, rather than the secondary. Just my five cents though...


...from an interview with Schrodinger.


That sounds like I would like to not learn to look - as in let's keep looking! I wrote - at kigge ikke


When "for at..." and just "at..." are used?


Would have been good for Pandora


In my answer I had "at" before lære and I am wondering why it is incorrect as it is also to something?

[deactivated user]

    We don't use the infinitive marker after modal verbs.


    As I understood, "kigge" is very much prone to be used with "co-verbs" or however you would call them: "kigge ind/ud/ned/op", leading to Danish being sometimes redundant (I recall "kigge ud ad vinduet"). Why then isn't "kigge ind i kassen" allowed here?


    Because it is a bird box.


    Ikke is placed incorrectly. Because I want to learn to do not look in the box, this is how I understand. So please change this sentence. Thanks!

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