God 17. Mai!


As the only member of the Norwegian-English team who is not actually Norwegian, I'd like to wish all of my Norwegian friends, and friends around the world, a wonderful 17th of May. On this day in 1814, Norwegian statesmen gathered to sign what was then a strikingly progressive document, a national constitution that would lead to independence from the Kingdom of Denmark. Although true independence, from Sweden, would need to wait until 1905, Norwegians observe this day in celebration of their national spirit with food, family and fun.

I hope you and your families celebrate the day in health and a spirit of fraternity. Our Norwegian language course, deeply celebratory of your country's history and culture, will be here before long.

Med venlig hilsen,


May 17, 2015


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What kind of food and what kind of traditions? :)

May 17, 2015

Well, speaking of traditions, I woke up to a series of cannon shots today...

The only thing I know for sure is soft serve ice cream? and people tend to wear traditional clothing? Feel free to read about it here!

Thanks. My mom's people are from Norway and ended up in Minnesota. I have heard about lutefisk.

This video pretty describes it pretty well:

Try an google image search for "17. mai middag" to see pictures of food, and then do a search for "bunad" to see the folk costumes!

Gratulerer med dagen!

Happy independence day, Norway! :D

God 17. mai! <3 Norge/Noreg!

During my two years living in Oslo (I am originally from Sweden) I have celebrated this day twice. It is truly marvellous! The royal family even waved to me.

God 17 mai!

Ha en god syttende mai helg!

um.... do i know you

Possibly! are you Jennifer? I do know someone named Jennifer if you happen to be her...


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