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"Quelle fille apporte un gâteau ?"

Translation:Which girl is bringing a cake?

December 25, 2012



why can't it be: Quelles filles apportent un gateau?


Oui, I thought so too! But despite the pronunciation of Quelles/Quelles, fille/filles and apporte/apportent are indentical when separete, the liaison is mandatory to differentiate them! So it would be "quelles fille_ZZZ_apportent" Try it with google translate and you will notice the difference! My only doubt is with the liaison between apportent and un, like: "apporten_TTT_un" because it seems really weird in the google lady's voice haha! Is it mandatory as well?


I agree, as far as I can tell the two sounds are identical. Even with the circumflex ("Quelles filles apportent un gâteau?") it says it's wrong. Is the spoken sound actually different?


If you write gâteau with the circonflexe, then it is also correct and we should report this.


when to use quelle and when laquelle (and for other genders as well)?


Think of quelle (adjective) as which. Think of laquelle (pronoun) as which one.


I still almost write "cat" instead of "cake" every time.


Yeah, gâteau looks like gato, cat in Spanish and Portuguese :)


is it a French lesson or English lesson


apporter - to bring, to bear - so why not carrying a cake?


to carry = porter. To carry something does not mean to bring or bear something necessarily.


If the sentence was : Quelles filles apportent un gâteau?, what would be the pronunciation of the "apportent un" bit? or would the main way to differentiate the singular and plural be the liaison between "filles apporte"?


I translated this into English as "Which girl is bringing cake?" which is how I would say it. It was marked as incorrect because I didn't specify "a cake", which is fine. In French would it have been "des gâteaux" for an unspecified amount of cake?


It seems masculine but it is feminine! Again!!


Is quelle what, which or both?


Apparently in the world of French it is only ever la fille qui apporte des gateaus.

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