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Is it a better idea to jump around from skill to skill, or complete all lessons at once?

I'm wondering if there's any thought here about what is better for retention. Many times, there are multiple skills in the tree with available lessons at once. Is it a better idea to complete all the lessons in a single skill one after another, or to do individual lessons while jumping around from skill to skill?

I remember there used to be an interface element on the skill tree that would "suggest" what you should do next, but I can't remember if it followed any particular logic (or if that logic was put in place for a particular reason).

Reading Tim Ferris on meta-learning leads me to believe "switching it up" and jumping around might have a positive affect on retention -- anyone know if there's data to support this?

September 25, 2013



I don't know of any data, but my impression is more or less the same as yours and I prefer switching between skills. Eventually you want to be able to decipher the language without knowing that you are looking at a certain vocabulary topic or a certain tense and I think switching between contexts helps with this.

When I "strengthen my skills" I often find I can't decipher a spoken word but when I see the answer I remember I found it really easy in the lesson when I was expecting the word.


I think you should complete all the skills in a lessons at once.

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