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  5. "Duo da yeşil bir baykuş!"

"Duo da yeşil bir baykuş!"

Translation:Duo is a green owl too!

May 17, 2015



Is da used here instead of de Duo because it is about Duo, a baykuş which would have vowel harmony with u?


did you think you would have to think of "baykuş" and then follow the vowel harmony accordingly?

you just need to check the last vowel in the word just before de/da, which is the o in Duo, so you use da (da after a/ı/o/u, de after e/i/ö/ü)


I see teşekkürler


"Duo da yeşil bir baykuş!" Translation: Duo is a green owl too!


Duo is also a green owl!

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


I don't get the word de/da. :( It seems it can mean anything and crop up anywhere.


One of its meanings is "too" or "also"; I try to learn a sample sentence pattern, like this one, and copy it...:) It seems you position it right after the noun you are talking about, lit. "Duo too is a green owl."


Why do I continue stummbling upon the use of “bir”? I hope that it's not used just cater to English speakers. I remember that the proper way to say a sentence of “being” is not with “bir”, but just a Pronoun/Proper nouns/nounm etc. preceding another noun. Eks:

Doktor adam. = The doctor is a man.

Doktor çilek. = The doctor is a strawbery.

Someone, please, correct me if I'm wrong. I speak a copula language natively.


They're not catering to English speakers :-)

Bir is used when Turkish speakers want/need to specific it is general "a" rather than specific "the". So it's usually optional. However, it MUST be used if there is an adjective before a general noun, otherwise it will be translated as specific:

  • yeşil bir baykuş = a green owl
  • yeşil baykuş = the green owl

Tips and notes: Adjectives


What context is also used in?

For example, a dialogue like ''Duo is happy. Duo is also a green owl!'

Or another dialogue example like ''She is a green owl. Duo is also a green owl!''


I have the same question. In Turkish, could both contexts you cite work with the given sentence, as they do in English?


I wrote daha instead of da. (wink)


Why cant i translate da with also?


Hello Tomassterd

Duo is also a green owl! "Duo da yeşil bir baykuş!"

Why cant I translate da with also?

You should be able too?

Please can you submit your English answer here for me to see?

Thank you

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