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"Cork and Dublin."

Translation:Corcaigh agus Baile Átha Cliath.

May 17, 2015



If Cork and Dublin play in a football or hurling match it's "Corcaigh agus Áth Cliath". I think the answer should definitely be accepted without the word Baile.


I have reported this sentence as Áth Cliath should be accepted as the translation of Dublin


Without context, yes. However, I've hardly ever noticed anyone talk about Dublin County anymore - it's always the city.


That's true that it is more common to hear Dublin referred to more commonly as a city but as you'll notice on emblems such as the GAA crest (which is on my profile picture), the combined county and city as a whole is just Áth Cliath.


And the battle for who is the real capital begins

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