"Ho solo la metà dei libri che ha lui."

Translation:I only have half the books that he has.

December 25, 2012

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"I have only half the books that he has" is also a valid translation of this sentence.


As is "I have only half of the books that he has."


Even "I have only half the books he has." was accepted!


Ho solo = I (/they) have only ~ I only have
la metà = (the) half ~ half
dei libri = of the books
che ha lui = that (he/she/it) has he ~ that he has (with emphasis on he)

I (/they) have only (the) half of the books that (he/she/it) has he.
~ I have only half the books that he has.
~ I only have half the books that he has.


I cannot believe that you don't accept the sentence"i have only the half of the books that he has". It really discourages one this way!!!


Does this mean literally, "I have half (of the same) books as him" or "I have half the amount of books as him"?


The latter, I believe. They are talking about the number (amount) of books.


"I have only half as many books as he." was also rejected. Bah!


The red part keeps covering up what i put in so i cant see what my exact mistake was, please fix


DL -- why is "one-half" incorrect? These lessons are focused on numbers. One-half (1/2) is a number. Half is not a number. You are wasting my time making me retype and retype.


In the sentence, meta' requires an article. It doesn't appear to be necessary everywhere, depending upon half of what thing one is referring to. Can someone explain?

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