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  5. "She is giving out."

"She is giving out."

Translation:Tá sí ag tabhairt amach.

May 17, 2015



What's she giving out?

She's givin' out yards!


Is this supposed to mean "she is wearing out" as we would think in (American) English... or more of an incomplete sentence like "She is giving out..." biscuits?


The latter. It can also mean 'scold'.


'Giving out' meaning 'scold' or 'complain'/'rant' is very common in Hiberno-English - 'she gave out to the children for breaking the window', 'he was giving out about the government'.


Thanks for that note! I would never have guessed that for a million years!


I guess that makes sense. In hiberno-english you give it out, in american english they're going to get it


You don't give "it" out, you just give out.

You can give out about someone/something (complain), or give out to someone (scold). "Giving out" without qualification means complaining.

"Tá sí ag tabhairt amach" would never be mistaken for an incomplete sentence.


It's quite complicated to translate Hiberno-English "giving out" into general English. It can mean to scold or tell-off, but also complain or moan in some contexts.

Ah stop giving out will ye?


I couldnt find any examples of "tabhairt amach" meaning to give out to someone (scold) on teanglann.ie.

I think it should be translated as she is giving something out. I.e. she is giving out food to the poor.

Please correct me if i'm wrong


Nevermind just found an example of it.

Ná bí ag tabhairt amach mar sin. Dont be giving out like that.

So this sentence could very well be translated as moaning about or scolding


If I was scolding I would give off rather than give out.


In Ireland it would be used like:

She never stops giving out.

Are you giving out again.

Stop giving out.

Im sick listening to you giving out.

I left her because she was always giving out.

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