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"Telefonu kapatmış ve kimse ile konuşmuyor."

Translation:He shut off his phone and is not speaking to anybody.

May 17, 2015



Turned the phone off ekleyin.

[deactivated user]

    The translation says ''his phone'' wouldn't that be ''telefonunu''? .


    What is wrong with "He turned his phone off and is not speaking to anyone"? .


    I don't know that's what I put


    Should both verbs be in the narrative (reported) mode? Someone else (the speaker) is saying that he supposedly shut off is phone. So shouldn't the idea that he is speaking to no one also not be in the narrative mode? ...konuşmumişiyor....or something in that direction?


    I said " kimseyle .." but it is said that it's not correct! why?


    I guess this was a type what you hear question, and you have to type what you hear :)


    haklısın, ama kimseyle ve kimse ile, ikisi olabilir sanırım.. Değil mi?


    am i the only one who doesn't understand the narrative case at all :D ! . i mean i see that it gives just the same meaning if i didn't add its suffix ! i can't understand what is the use of it


    It conveys something that we would have to clarify with additional words in English. You use it when you didn't personally observe what you are talking about. You are relating something that you heard. Sometimes that doesn't matter, but it means that you can't personally vouch for the information.


    Is "He shut off the phone and is not talking with anybody" incorrect? Where does the "his" part come from?


    Telefonu = "his?" I thought it should be "the." Also why is it not "with anybody" rather than "to anybody?" Isn't Ile = "with?"


    'telefonu' can be both 'his phone' and 'the phone'.
    In English it is 'to talk to somebody' so this cannot be translated literally. You're right 'ile' = 'with'.

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