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Not sharing my progress on Facebook.

Hello. I usually share my progress in Facebook. The last couple weeks for some reason it hasn't been sharing it on my wall despite me hitting the share on Facebook button. I am logged in and the Duolingo app is allowed. I would like to fix it because I really like sharing my progress.

May 17, 2015



Hi bhinkle2,

Sorry I have no answer myself but you could move you question into the "Troubleshooting" forum where it's more likely to have more and better answers than in the forum about the course of Spanish for English speakers.

To move your discussion, edit the original post (the one on top of this page) then there will be a button around the top-left part of the discussion page (not in the blue band, under) that displays a drop-down menu where you can select the adequate forum.


Good advice. Thank you.


i have the same problem since 2-5-2015


May 2nd or February 5th? Did you ask about it?


since may the second i have not ask about it


You should ask about it. I am thinking it's a problem with Duolingo and not Facebook.

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