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flashcard problem: same words over and over?

When reviewing words using the flashcards, I get the same words over and over. It's been like this for at least a week or so.

Does this happen to others as well? Are there any users who don't have this problem, i.e. they get new words when the do the flashcard exercise again?

May 17, 2015



I just tried the flashcards on the English-from-Spanish tree and got four different sets. The icon in the window shows that I'm looking at a set from a particular unit (verbs, adverbs, etc). I've let all my skills un-gold though, so there is a lot to work with in terms of the exposure algorithm.

Edit: My a/b test says this: web_flashcards_v1_redesign: "v1". What does yours say? You can look it up here.


Thanks for the link about looking at A/B-options. My a/b option for "web_flashcards_v1_redesign" says "control", so it differs from your value of "v1".

Oh, forgot to say that my skills are mostly at gold stage. So it could be the algorithm is finding it to difficult

Update 2: I also tested using the console to change the option setting, from "control" to "v1" using a statement like this:

duo.user.attributes.ab_options.web_flashcards_v1_redesign = "v1" Now the flashcard exercise is different in b haviour, and I also get new words :-) So if nothing else the following is a workaround:

  • Use F12 to open dev console.

  • At the bottom row, i.e. the prompt, type: duo.user.attributes.ab_options.web_flashcards_v1_redesign = "v1"

Note: My Chrome by default doesn't allow pasting for security reasons, which I agree with, so just type it manually.


thanks, worked like magic!!!

for MAC users: press Cmd + Alt + I to see the developers tools, go to Console and type the command line as suggested above

update: it turned out that the command line works only for 1 session, and only if I enter it while on this very page (didn't try it from others, though). If after that I go to my Home (French) page, flashcards work just fine. If I try to enter the command line from the French page directly, I get long string of mistakes, and since my 'programming' skills are close to non-existent, i can't decipher them :)


This is exactly my problem. I start with "otro" and end with "llave" even though I am getting them all correct.


Lo siento, pero no le se "English from Spanish tree." What is this?


me too, the same problem with French form English

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