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How old are most Duolingo users?

Are they mostly students like me, or older?

September 25, 2013



Even the Duolingo staff can't answer this, unless they've done some email surveys of registered users: neither your age nor your birthdate is requested during the sign-up process.


It looks to me like most users on here are pretty young. I however, am in my 50s and would be interested to know if there are any other older users?


I am 60 in a month. I started this about a year ago because I knew I would be travelling to Italy for the International Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Festival in Florence in July 2018. (120 teams from all over the world). Although I have studied Italian previously DL is a convenient way to keep working at learning a language.


Go you! :-) Good luck with the Dragon Boat race.

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