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"Léann an nuachtán faoi dhó gach lá."

Translation:He reads the newspaper twice every day.

May 17, 2015



Why is "He reads the newspaper twice daily?" not also correct?


The translations here tend towards literalness; gach lá is “every day”, and laethúil is “daily”. In theory, gach lá could also be translated by meaning in this sentence as “per day”, “a day”, “quotidianly”, etc. Even faoi dhó could be translated as “two times” as well as “twice”.


What is the purpose of faoi?


In this setting, it translates as “times” (in its multiplication sense) or “-fold” — faoi dhó is “two times”, faoi shé is “sixfold”, etc.


Faoi means with right? Why cant it be "He reads the newspaper about twice a day"


faoi dhó is a standard phrase that means "twice".

Léann sé an t-alt sa nuachtán faoi chapaill - "he reads the article in the newspaper about horses".
Léann sé an t-alt sa nuachtán faoi dhó - "he reads the article in the newspaper twice".
Léann sé an t-alt sa nuachtán faoi dhá chapall - "he reads the article in the newspaper about two horses".
Léann sé an nuachtán faoin gcrann - "he reads the newspaper under the tree"


If "faoi dho" means twice, would "faoi tri" mean thrice, and "faoi haon" mean once? (I'm sure I didn't spell it correctly, but maybe you can still understand where I'm going?)


faoi thrí (faoi lenites) means "thrice"/"treble"/"triple"/"threefold", faoi cheathair means "quadruple"/"fourfold", faoi chúig means "fivefold", etc.

But "once" is just uair amhain.


daily is an adverb. This is supposed to be the adverb section.


...and this is how Irish expresses that...


That's how I got here.


I am finding that when I choose AN or NA I am being marked incorrect with the same sentence.


"an" is the singular and "na" is the plural version.

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