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Immersion articles don't load

Hello all,

Has anyone else been having trouble with some of the articles in the Immersion section? Especially in longer ones with a lot of media in the middle, I find that the latter parts of the article simply don't load, leaving only empty grids and bullet points. It also does it consistently across Spanish and French, so it isn't a problem with one of the specific languages, I don't believe. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!

May 17, 2015



I find the articles in immersion load OK but I have great difficulty in selecting a sentence for translating or editing. It requires multiple clicks and escaping from individual words being selected. Also there is no way other than trial and error to identify text not yet translated.The whole process of attempting to translate is so inefficient and frustrating . The time wasted is not worth it.


Having the same problem. I am trying to submit an article now and it's still not finished even though an hour has gone by already.

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