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  5. "You are not at the bank."

"You are not at the bank."

Translation:Sen bankada değilsin.

May 17, 2015



Why is "Bankada sen değilsin" wrong here?


you need to tell 'sen' before 'bankada'. 'bankada sen değilsin' might mean 'sen bankada sen değilsin' = 'you are not yourself at the bank'.

''bankada değilsin'' is also fine i guess


What does 'küçükeklemeyinzatensıfatlardavar' even mean anyway? Thanks in advance.


"You are not at the bank." Translation: Sen bankada değilsin.

"Bank" is an English loan word. Bank - ada, "ada" is "the" determiner for location.

Locative - (adjective) case ending. Describes the location & place.


Why can we sometimes omit the "sin" in "değilsin", and when do we have to add it?



Good morning.

"You are not at the bank." Translation: Sen bankada değilsin.

Look at the English question in this context: "You are not at" - X

Değil - "not." Negates meaning of verb "to be."

Değil - not + "-sin"

I cannot get an accurate definition of "sin."

I understand how to use it as a suffix.

Beni terk edemezsin. - You cannot leave me.

Sen benimsin. - You are mine.


O değil seni ben hak ediyorum.

O değil seni menfaatsiz ben seviyorum.

I will try to get a definition of "sin" & more examples of its use.

Thank you.

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