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"¿Hay algo más que quieres que haga?"

Translation:Is there anything else you want me to do?

December 25, 2012



Where is the "me" implied?


Haga is the correct form for yo, él, ella, and usted. We can eliminate "Is there anything else that you want to do" because for usted that would be "¿Hay algo más que quiere hacer?" So, that leaves these three:

  • Is there anything else you want me to do? (yo haga)

  • Is there anything else you want him to do? (él haga)

  • Is there anything else you want her to do? (ella haga)

Any could be correct depending on the context. However, the first one seems the most likely under most circumstances.


Succinctly put. I think...50% me and 50%him or her.


probably somewhere in haga...


Indeed you could expand it to "Hay algo más que quieres que yo haga."

It can be a bit confusing thing at first, but the key idea is that you can't say "want me to do" in Spanish, you have to say "want that I do".


Since verbs referring to both first and third parties use the same conjugation in the subjunctive, it seems to make sense to use él, ella, usted, or yo as a matter of course with a conjugation like haga.


It could be "Is there anything else you want me/him/her to do?" But not "you". That would be ¿Hay algo más que quieres hacer?


first person subjunctive of hacer. Took me a few minutes to understand it. Thanks to Jayken.


it's based on pronoun, if you ask somebody that and you weren't previously talking about anybody else in particular then it's second person singular


i would like this to be explained,


Haga is first person and third person subjunctive of hacer. It could have also translated as "Is there anything else you want him/her to do?"


Thanks. That really helped.


Well, the problem is that DL did not put the first-person as an option in their dictionary on hover, so we had no way of knowing that. Reported.


doesn't third person also include Ud so couldn't it be " Is there anything else you want (you) to do?"


No. Because the way the sentence is set up the subject of the first part of the sentence (quieres) cannot be the same subject of the second part (haga) or else it's not subjunctive and then you wouldn't be able to use haga. You can tell it's not usted anyway because "quieres" is in the tú form not usted. If you wanted to say "Is there anything more you want to do?" You would say "Hay algo más que quieres hacer?" You would just use the infinitive. :)


another confusing sentence


Since it's ambiguous whether it's "want me to do" or "want him/her to do", could this be translated as "Is there anything else you want done?"


No. In this sentence, the only reason we don't know if it's me or him/her is because we don't have the subject of "haga" or the context of the sentence. If we could see the people talking and using this sentence or saw this sentence in a book, then it would be very clear who the subject of "haga" is. You also couldn't translate it as "is there anything else you want done?" because then it wouldn't be subjunctive anymore.


Yes. That was accepted.

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"Is there something more you want me to do?" was accepted.


But "Is there anything more you want me to do?" was not accepted.


"Is there something more that you want me to do?" is not accepted. Apparently they don't like the optional that or it's an oversight.


I didn't put "me" in my answer and still thought that my answer was right. Previously I had googled 'subjunctive' to try to understand the concept. (That didn't work too well I guess). Reading these comments has out-done my google research! It's beginning to sink in, thank you :-}

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Ah yes, subjunctivitis. Apply cold cerveza.


Ahh! The perfect cure. The more you apply, the more everything shoundsh cshush dandy! Imperasubjunctaimperfectaritish! I'll drink to that.


"Is there anything more you want her to do?" should be accepted, but it's not.


Why is "anything more" incorrect?


"Is there anything more you want me to do" should be accepted.


"Would you like me to do anything else?" should be accepted, but it's not.


Would "Hay algo mas que me quieres hacer?" work in this situation?


No because you are using the indicative and this sentence requires the subjunctive. You use the subjunctive for many different situations and one of them is for desiring/wishing. "Is there anything else you want me to do?" The person is wanting you to do something so it needs to be subjunctive.


Thanks Jayken.


I can't see the me anywhere.I'll never understand this one

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Try again. If it's haga and there's no el or ella, first person is assumed. So you can substitute "yo haga" for haga. That goes for all the forms where the first and third person singular are the same.


Hmm... it would be nice when we're just given the audio if we were alerted that there was a question being asked, or something like that, at least the first time we see it. Dunno.


Why is "is there anything more that you want her to do" not accepted?

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Look two posts above your post.


Thanks fellow Duo veteran!


I don't see " me " in there. But I think there is some stupid sentence construction in Spanish.


There is no stupid sentence construction here. Just as in English some things can be understood by the context, and in this case the "me" is understood because "él/ella/Usted" is not specified.

Edit: See gernt's comment above.


Why is "is there something else you want me to do" incorrect?


haga is subjunctive form of hacer in both the yo and ud, el, ella form. This should also translate into "Is there anything else that you want done (by me, her him, it) ?" or would that have to be "que quieres que se haga?"


"Is there something more that you want that I do?" was marked wrong


That seems to be the literal translation.


Do you want me to do anything else?


"me to do" appears to be one of a number of posssible correct interpretations of "haga" .. It seems however that "me" is the only one DL will accept


Duo, please clean up these comments. Thanks!


Is there anything else you want done ?


Shouldn't it be ¿Hay algo más que quieras que yo haga? porque no sabemos si existe algo más o no.

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