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Lost vocabularies

After new French skill tree update, my list of vocabularies have lost one half of learned voculaburies (like it says, that I didn't learn any new word in Lesson Verbs Present 3 even I mastered it some time ago). Is it OK?

December 25, 2012



I also noticed this and was a little confused at first. But after redoing the lessons, it kind of made sense. New words(ie plurals) and supporting sentences were added or updated, affecting the word family and lessons. Updating the count, in my opinion, was accurate for this situation. What they could have included, to make things more straightforward, was to add an update badge to the affected skills and lessons. This would've made it easier for the user to acknowledge the updates and be encouraged to redo them. Maybe in the future they could implement this.

To find out which vocabulary/lessons where reset, you have to go into a skill and then click on the "View full vocabulary from ****" link on the bottom right side. This will take you to the vocabulary page for that section. Look on the right side to see which ones were reset.


Thanks, now I understand it, but I can only say that is not very good way, to do maybe 10 lessons again, but okay, thank you for advise :)

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