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  5. "Restoran ne zaman kapandı?"

"Restoran ne zaman kapandı?"

Translation:When was the restaurant closed?

May 18, 2015



Why isn't it kapanmıştı? Because you didn't see the restaurant close, right?


This question is a little off point, but I have always wondered if there is a difference between "kapamak" and "kapatmak." Is there one?


Do you mean kapanmak? There is a difference.

Kapanmak is to close, but in the meaning of to be closed. Like. The door closed (presumably it was closed....it didn't close something).

Kapatmak is to cause something to close. Like, I closed the window. :)


From another lesson earlier in the tree I understood that Kapamak is equal to kapatmak. (I remember the sentence "Selçen, kapıyı Emel kapamış (kapatmış) dedi I think both are active forms and that kapatmak is a reflexive verb (Reflexives Verb) , so that we say in Germany (sich schließen instead of schließen) Am I right?


No, I understand that "kapanmak" is the passive form. That's what you mean, yes?

But my dictionary shows both "kapamak" and "kapatmak" for "to close" as an active form.

Here is the dictionary I am using: http://www.turkishdictionary.net/


the verb is ''kapan'' here not ''kapa''. ''kapa'' and ''kapat'' are synonyms. ''kapat'' is more widely used but people use ''kapa'' in some certain sentences. For example:

Kapa çeneni = Shut up.

One could also say 'kapat çeneni' but 'kapa çeneni' is easier and more fluent to say without 't' i guess.


If "kapamak" and "kapatmak" are the same, can I also use "kapatılmak" instead of "kapanmak"?


I think you know the answer now. But if not i can explain.

I think, "kapatılmak" is similar to "abolish" in English. In other words generally it is done officially so we do not say "Restoran kapatıldı". unless it is done by officers.


Interesting. Thanks!


yes you can. ''kapatılmak'' means ''to be closed'' just like ''kapanmak''.

However i feel like there is a nuance but i am not sure now. let me think about it.


Is there a reason why "what time" shouldn't be used in place of "when"? I reported it but I'm doubting myself.


They are a little different (namely, if you ask "what time" you would get a response like 2:00; if you ask "when" you would get a response like "tomorrow"). The former is specific and the latter is more general.


"What time?", in my experience, asks explicitly for a clock time, e.g. "at quarter past five", so that's probably a better translation for Saat kaçta?

Ne zaman, by contrast, is vaguer: it could have a response of "ten minutes ago", "last November", "before Mary had her baby" -- so it's "when?" rather than "what time?".


Yes, I realize that the verb here is "kapanmak." That's why I said the question was a bit off point. Thank you anyway.


How can i say? When was the new restaurant opened? (Yeni restoran ne zaman açilmiş?)


Yeni restoran ne zaman açıldı.


why are passive markers sometimes 'il' and sometimes 'in'


Please read the notes section at duolingo.com/skill/tr/Passive. It explains that the passive marker is -il for verbs that end in consonants except for l. If the verb root ends in l, then you add -in. Otherwise (if the verb root ends in a verb), add n.


Good, but “ends in a verb” should be “ends in a vowel.”


Why is "when was the restaurant shut" ? What is the difference between shut and closed ? Thanks


Is this sentence asking about the time that the restaurant was closed (for the day) or is it asking how long ago it was when the particular restaurant's business closed down?

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