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  5. "På ett eller annat sätt."

" ett eller annat sätt."

Translation:In one way or another.

May 18, 2015



This reminds me of Blondie's song "one way or another, I'm gonna find ya"


I was literally singing this out loud when I saw your post!


Would 'Somehow' be a proper translation of 'På ett eller annat sätt.'.


It would be a less direct translation than 'one way or another', but still correct, yes :)


Shouldn't the "ett" be more stressed in the TTS? I am only trying to figure out how to sound right here, not critizing ;)


Why is this written as 'in one or another way(s)'?

I ask a lot of word order questions so if someone could refer me to something I could revise, it would be greatly appreciated.


I'm not an expert but I would guess it is purely idiomatic: maybe that's just how the phrase works in Swedish. Instead of "one way or the other", they say "in one or another way", and på does not even strictly mean "in" most of the time...

It's confusing sometimes, yeah.


sätt has the same form in the indefinite singular and plural, like other regular ett words ending in a consonant, so the word sätt in isolation can mean 'way' or 'ways', but here we know it's the singular because it says ett and annat. You could say for instance på några andra sätt 'in some other ways' if you wanted an expression with the plural.

About word order, I wrote a long post here, have you seen it? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470 There are various other helpful threads that you can find via the sticky post under Swedish discussions.


I said, in one or other way. Why isn't other acceptable?


Bit of a late reply here, but there needs to be an article (an/the) before "other". For whatever reason, it's written as "another" instead of "an other", but it's completely grammatically possible to have eleven "had"s in a row, so that's not too weird in terms of English.


I translated this wrong and the "correct" translation is "in 1 or another way," which is unnatural in English. Can the correct answer be changed to "in one way or another"?


The main answer is already 'in one way or another'. The main answer is the one you can see on top of this page. When your input isn't an accepted answer, the machine tries to match it to the closest answer on file. Also, wherever we write 'one', the machine may show you '1' instead. Any accepted answer can be shown to you. And 'In one or another way' has to be an accepted answer because it's actually an acceptable translation. So because of all this, the answer 'In 1 or another way' may be displayed to you if the machine doesn't accept your input.
This is how the system works for all courses on Duo.


Hi, Arnauti, 1. I would like to verify that "the main answer... you can see at the top of the page." Unfortunately, I have no idea what lesson this is in. Can you remind me?

  1. Question: Why does the machine show "1" instead of numbers? Can someone program the software to show words for numbers one to ten?

  2. You wrote "Any accepted answer can be shown to you." Can you explain how these answers can be shown to me? Maybe you meant possibility (might be shown to you) rather than ability (can be shown to you)? (No intention to criticize your English. I'm just trying to clarify.)

  3. You wrote "And 'In one or another way' has to be an accepted answer because it's actually an acceptable translation." Does this mean the software is checking each word and its translation, meaning that if you come up with a word-for-word translation, e.g. the human race --> det mänskliga loppet," the software will consider this correct?

  4. You wrote "the answer 'In 1 or another way' may be displayed to you if the machine doesn't accept your input." Yet you also wrote "The main answer is already 'in one way or another'." Would you agree that if one enters the wrong answer, the MAIN answer should be displayed and not a random acceptable translation? If so, can this be fixed?


vägg is wall

väg is way as in a path

sätt is way as in a way of doing things


Sätt och sort är synonymer?


The TTS sounds like it's saying "på etteller" the way it is run together.


Can someone give some context for the usage here. I translated as By one ... rather than In one ... which was wrong. I can see how they could be quite different but im having a hard time wrapping my mind around the difference


It sounds like you think that way here describes a path - we can get there by this way. That would be väg

However, sätt means way as in a way of doing things. So, we'll get it done, one way or another means we will succeed eventually.


It sounds like she says "På ett heller annat sätt"


Why does sätt move all the way to the end? Why does it not come after på ett?


That makes more sense. Wow, sometimes the English is really googy, like...what__!! That does not even make sense in English!


What makes more sense and how is 'in one way or another' unclear in English?

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