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"Bira içmiyoruz, şarap içiyoruz."

Translation:We are not drinking beer, we are drinking wine.

May 18, 2015



Related to a question I just asked when the continuous was translated as ...is doesn't know.. rather than ...isn't knowing.... Why then can't this be 'we don't drink beer, we drink wine'. Is there any advice on when it is ...ing, and when it is ..no not..


Yeah....we are a little strict about this in the course because we really want people to understand that this verb tense is used for present, ongoing actions, especially in the written language which is what we are teaching. In general, "we do not drink beer, we drink wine" would be "Bira içmeyiz, şarap içeriz." However, spoken and written Turkish are different languages...that is one of the hard parts about making this course.


OK, I'm confused now. There have been a few answered from other people that suggest that this course is not teaching written, but spoken, Turkish. Especially those around the use of -dir. Not sure about other people, but I'm a lot more interested in learning to speak it, rather than read/write it. That doesn't matter in a lot of languages, but if it's different in Turkish it's important.


-DIr is used mostly in written Turkish as opposed to spoken. What is really important to note...I exaggerated a bit. You can speak Turkish how it is written and it is considered correct and the standard. Spoken Turkish is a little more flexible than written though and we try to also room for common changes made while writing to make it sound more like spoken (this was the part that was hard).


I agree that the focus should be on written language. After all if one speaks properly, picking up slang won't be difficult; however the opposite is not true. It also serves better to be well spoken in formal situations, like professional settings...etc. And let's not forget that most of us Doulingoers are nerds -I use this term most affectionately - and we like to learn things the right way.


I forgot to mention that I am equally confused about the .....ing/......yor situation! "(>_<)


Both are haram XD


No, I didn't got the difference between the two forms, Simple and Continuous Present. So far we used the simple present to translate the verb, now it becomes continuous. Confused really!


i though that present continuous is used for habits or usual practices, such as I don't drink beer (as a general practice or habit). So why not "we don't drink beer, we drink wine" ??


Continuous present is used for actions happening right now or in the very near future. Simple present (Aorist) is used for habits /usual practices.

Continuous present (-ing/-iyor): "I am drinking wine"/"Şarap içiyorum" (right now, or in the near future).

Simple present: "I drink wine"/"Şarap içerim" (in general).


Non related question..whats the difference between bira and wine ?


They are produced and served differently, but I'd say the main difference is the starting ingredient: Beer ("bira") is made from grains (usually barley, but sometimes wheat or rye). Wine ("şarap") is made from fruit (most commonly grapes, but it could be apples, cranberries, blackberries, etc.) and it usually has a higher alcohol content.


Interesting! Thanks for this info ;)


Following discussion.


Both are terrible drink water instead or juice


Yes l do not know why?


This app is terrible for continuing to use such examples when minors use ot to lean. No developers ever address this issue. Are there no real esucators who know anything about curriculum planning here? We have left numerous comments asking that it ne age appropriate. Here in Canada, one would be legally liable for teaching minors constantly through examples that are illegal to them.


The developers do no read the discussion pages. There is a "Contact us" button at the bottom of this page. Or you could also try DuoLingo for Schools as the content is more likely to be age appropriate over there, (at least I HOPE it is!) as it is specifically marketed to minors. I imagine parents could register as a tiny "school" for their own children.

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