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"Whose apple is this?"

Translation:Bu elma kimin?

3 years ago


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It said "bu elma kimin" which looks like "this apple is whose". "Whose apple is this" should be like "kimin elmasi bu"??

3 years ago

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they mean the same thing

3 years ago


In "kimin elmasi bu?" why is there "si" after elma, but in "Bu elma kimin?" there is not (if they mean the same thing)?

2 years ago


the difference is a bit subtle to explain but here it goes:

"kimin elmasi bu" is emphasizing the question about the owner of the apple in literal translation Who is it that owns this apple? Or alternatively To whom this apple belongs to?, Who is the apple's owner?

In the "Bu elma kimin?" it is more like emphasizing on the apple, querying about the properties of the apple as in "This apple belongs to who?". So in this case it implies a tiny bit of continuation. If I get an answer to this question I will ask more about it.

1 year ago


Very good explained.

3 months ago


The apple should not take a suffix of possesion?? Like "Bu elmasın kimin?" Thanks a lot

7 months ago


why kimin not kim only

4 weeks ago