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3-week streak lost, because I didn't get coins for practice

So this is really weird situation. Two days ago I haven't made any new lessons in my Spanish tree, just some practice. As it turns out, I didn't get any points for that, and so I lost my 3-week streak. But what is even more crazy, I didn't get the reminder, so it's like system noticed me practicing. (I didn't change time zones or computers) Now I don't mind the lost points, but losing the streak is like losing some of the motivation, something I achieved. Is it going to happen in the future? Did anyone have problem like this? Do you have a solution? My Flash is fine, cleaning cookies and cache didn't work.

September 25, 2013



It looks like you got your streak back. WOOT


No, I didn't, in my profile, when you hover over the streak counter, it's only 2 days in Spanish.

Anyway, I just hope it was one time error, because losing the streak regulartly would be quite disheartening.


I don't know if you did, but I always make sure that my streak got incremented after doing some lessons. I noticed for example that just reviewing sentences from the "Immersion" section does not count towards your streak. Maybe what you did also does not apply?


Now I check the streak after learning too. When I lost it I was just praciticing, and it was ok before, just not this time.

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