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"Zelfs het beste paard was langzaam."

Translation:Even the best horse was slow.

May 18, 2015



So we don't need inversion when "zelfs" is put in the beginning of a sentence?


No, no inversion, since 'zelfs' can be considered part of the subject here. 'zelfs' can stay in front of the word (group) it singles out as exceptional, which depends on the context.

These pies are so good, even I finished the entire apple pie by myself: Zelfs ik at de hele appeltaart op. But, (I was so hungry..) I ate even the last crumb (or, even ate ..), Ik at zelfs de laatste kruimel (emphasizing 'de laatste kruimel').


Clear explanation! Thanks a lot!

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The best horse was even slow - het beste paard was zelfs langzaam.

You can use 'slow' here in Dutch also for 'langzaam'.


I don't understand the comment? And I also don't understand the sentences in your ordering, English or Dutch:-) You can come up with something like, the best horse went so fast; it was almost invisible, even. Het was zelfs bijna onzichtbaar. The smell of the horse barn was bad, it was even intolerable. De stank in de paardenstal was vreselijk, het was zelfs niet te harden.. But the use of 'zelfs' with an adjective that does not signify an extreme of a scale is hard.

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