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"Ich würde schnell die Richtung wenden."

Translation:I would change directions quickly.

December 25, 2012



There are two possibilities: "Ich würde schnell wenden." or: "Ich würde schnell umkehren." To say "die Richtung wechseln" could mean: to turn right or turn left as well.


You can't say "die Richtung wenden" in German. "Ich würde schnell die Richtung ändern (oder wechseln)."


I agree with you. "Die Richtung wenden" is wrong!


The verb 'wenden' means 'turn' in all the dictionaries I have looked at. Of course, if you turning from one direction to another, you are changing direction, but still turning is what you do. I can't see how you can change more than one direction, you can only go one way at a time. In any case, the noun is singular in the German, so why should it be plural in the English?


I agree. The German should use "wechseln" (which it does in one of the multi-choice questions in this lesson), and the English translation should just be "direction".


I think of 'wechseln' as being more like 'change one's clothes' rather than altering direction. Can it really be used here to mean change of direction? I'm sure this is one of those subtleties of usage - the same word is used for many different concepts in a given language, but the set of concepts is not the same across languages.


Well, short of a definitive answer from a native speaker, I've scurried off to check my various bits of reference material........

From what I can make out, 'wechseln' is ok in this context, as would be 'ändern'. The only use in relation to direction(s) I can find for 'wenden' refers to "turning around in the opposite direction" (in die entgegensetze Richtung).

My dictionary suggests the following:-

In umgekehrter Richtung - in the opposite/other direction die Richtung ändern / die Richtung wechseln - to change direction.

So I'll probably stick with ändern/wechseln; that said, I think the translation giving "directions" in the plural for the translation of "die Richtung" in the original answer should be changed....?


I am a native speaker and I have never heard of "die Richtung wenden". "die Richtung wechseln" would be correct. "wenden" means to turn around (the car), but it is usually not used together with "die Richtung".


To a native speaker 'Richtung wechseln' sounds perfectly correct


'Ich wuerde schnell die Richtung wechseln' or 'ich wuerde schnell wenden'. Otherwise it is not very good German




Could this be used as a way to let some know "they're headed for thin ice with their words/actions"? In other words, a poetic version of "back off !"


Isn't 'Directions' RichtungEN?


As a stand-alone word, yes.

But whereas English tends to use plural without article in this "change" context (change schools, etc.), German tends to use singular with article (die Schule wechseln, etc.).

So you can't translate 1:1 here.


"Ich würde schnell wenden" oder "Ich würde schnell die Richtung ändern" entspricht dem deutschen Sprachgebrauch!

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