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  5. "This job is his."

"This job is his."

Translation:Bu iş onun.

May 18, 2015



Why, as changing the sequence ("Bu iş onun" TO "Bu onun işi"), an "i" had to be added to the word "iş"? O.o . Could it be "Bu işi onun" (if not, why) Tes(h)kkür ederim. ®


işi = his job. The "i" at the end means "his". If you want you can also use "onun" (which also means 'his') to emphasize it: Onun işi = İşi = his job.

When you say: "Bu onun işi," literally you're saying: "This --- his job."

Subject = Bu (This)

Predicate = Onun işi (His job)

The verb is hidden, but it's clear that it's "is".

If you say "This job is his," then the syntax is different.

For starters, the subject is "this job". So you say "Bu iş." (You don't need the extra i, because you're not saying his job).

Since we lack the "is", we'll just say: "This job --- his".

We know that "his" = onun. So: "Bu iş onun." makes sense to Turks. Does it make sense now to you as well? :-]

P.S.: "işi" also happens to be the accusative form (direct object). So if you ever feel like saying "I love this job," you would say: "Bu işi seviyorum."

PP.S.: Tes(h)ekkür has two e's.


Thank YOU, Ektoraskan, for such a great explanation!!! It totally made sense for me now! ♣ (you even corrected my silly spelling mistake) wonderful! Tes(h)ekkür EDERIM! ♥ ®


I will no longer reply to comments which highlight my minor typo errors from level -3 non native, Turkish language learners. Your comments (2 only) have been duly noted & I will endeavour to minimise typo errors in Turkish. My keyboard is/has English language characters only. Kindest regards to all learners on this site.

EDITED - (16/10/2019)

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I've been using this virtual keyboard frequently.


I bought a Turkish keyboard from Amazon UK for around (switch to UK keyboard) £ (and switch back) 15. I have the TK keyboard on a monitor stand which is wide enough for the UK keyboard to slide underneath if necessary.



Good morning & well done.

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I now use this & it takes a bit longer. It has helped to improve my Turkish spelling. A like ^ & lingot for investing in your Turkish language studies. I'm only joking & I try to answer all learner questions posted to me.

Thank you.


Lol! Şaka olsa hiç emin değilim!


Can I say "bu meslek onun"?




"This job is his." Translation: Bu iş onun.

Can I say "bu meslek onun"? - I'm saying no because the question being asked in English says job & does not say "profession."

Duo will not accept your Turkish answer.

This profession is hers. - Bu meslek onun. - Correctly paired question & answer.

Thank you


Why is it not "Bu iş onunki"? Shouldn't it be possessive pronoun here?


I put "Bu onun iş" and is correct,but they answer is "Bu iş onun" anyway it's correct


I arranged it as "Bu onun iş" it got accepted but duo corrected it as "Bu iş onun." What's wrong with my answer?


Bu iş onun / Bu onun iş. Both are accepted!!

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