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"El vecino explica que él está vivo."

Translation:The neighbor explains that he is alive.

September 25, 2013



Easier to do than explain that he's not.


Who knows. Maybe it's in the context of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" ;D


Tyrell: "A coding sequence cannot be revised, once it's been established."


That sounds like it was written on a stone tablet in blood.


i'm alive! i'm alive! exclaimed the man from inside the body bag.


It isn't just a joke. This article says that 14,000 Americans have to prove that they're alive each year: www.california-disability.com/Articles/It-s-No-Joke-Proving-You-re-Alive-to-the-Social-Security-Administration.shtml


Dougconnah: You made me laugh out loud, so have a lingot.


This makes perfect sense to me. I have a 95-year-old neighbor who flies off to the Brooks range in Alaska as soon as the ice on the lake breaks up enough for a float plane to drop him off in total isolation. Every time I ask how he is doing I get the same answer, "I'm still alive."


Just thinking, if he would have died the answer would be "I am dead" jajajaja Seems to me having to explain that you're alive is rather unusual.


It seems pretty obvious the neighbor is talking about Elvis.


I can't find the original, but I suspect that it was one person (el vecino) explaining that someone else (a man not in the conversation) was still alive.

So, as an example, when the house of my 92 year old neighbor burned a few months back no one knew if the old guy had been inside. It wasn't until another neighbor called around and found out that the old guy had been staying with his son that anyone knew. My neighbor then explained to me that the old guy was still alive.

"El vecino explica que él está vivo."


I couldn't realize the sound vivo or bebo it is not clear


Quizás su nombre es Victor? Si es así, por favor deja que Mary Shelly sepa que su monstruo es vivo! ¡Esta vivo!


Sounds like Monte Python: "Bring out your dead." Ï'm not dead yet. In fact, I'm feeling much better.

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