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How can I view my students day streaks?

I am giving point for 10 days streaks and encouraging my students to continue doing Duolingo on Sat.and Sun. Is there any way I can follow their streaks? Also, one student said she had an 8 day streak but then was at 0 when she logged on the next day.Can this happen?

May 18, 2015

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I believe the only way you can follow someone's streak is by checking their profile.

The student that did lessons but lost her streak could happen if she set a goal for 50xp and did not reach that. Though it will be easy for you to check.

  • Go to the dashboard and click on the student (as a list)
  • It now gives you an overview of all the lessons and "strengthen skills" that they did with the date and time they completed it. If she was right that she did some lessons or strengthen skills it should be visible in there.
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