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  5. I can't add a student!


I can't add a student!

Please help me with this problem. I think its because my student shares the same IP network as I do. or the same internet. I do not know please help me with this.

May 18, 2015



Hi CaseaMorquecho, just wanted to check in :)

As El2theK mentioned, students can add you as an observer to share their progress with you by entering your email address here https://www.duolingo.com/settings/observer. Please let us know if you still don't see all your students in your dashboard.


You probably want to move this discussion to the Educators forum. You'll likely receive a more helpful response that way.

That being said, I would not expect your sharing of the same ip an important factor.


As far as I am aware the student has to add you by entering your email address here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/observer


I will check them right away


I believe they have done that though


Thank you so much!


I assume that worked in the end? Good luck with your students!


Just go to add students,whatever it's called, click the bottom option, and type in a random name and, VOILA! You have a student. Don't worry. I had the same problem. In fact, I got my first student two days ago.

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