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"Ik zou meer leren, als ik tijd zou hebben."

Translation:I would learn more if I had time.

May 18, 2015



Could you also say "...als ik tijd had"?


What's the difference if I use "als ik tijd had" or "als ik tijd zou hebben"?


Story of my life... gazes longingly at all the languages on Duolingo


why not "if I would have time"?


I might be wrong, but at least in french (and I think in english), you wouldn't use would next to if, but you would rather use a past simple verb. The "would" would only be in the second part of the sentence: If I had time, I would learn more. Si j'avais (past in french) du temps, j'étudierais (conditionnal in french) davantage.


"Als ik tijd had zou ik meer leren". Klinkt ook goed.


Why is "zou" in the sentence twice?


Because both things are things that you would want to do (or have). But you are not actually doing (or having). You 'wish' for it. (Well, since I'm not a star in explaining....and english is not my language. Dutch is :) I hope you understand what I mean to say...?!) There are two things or situations in the sentence, you don't have

  1. You would study more 2 you would have more time

So you use for each the word "zou"


Is "ik zou meer leren, als ik zou tijd hebben" also correct? Or must the second part of the phrase be "als ik tijd zou hebben?"


Een goed vraagje! Zouden we een antwoord kunnen ontvangen?


With "als" the verb is going at the end, and the verb here is "zou hebben"... I think the correct sentence is: "als ik tijd zou hebben"

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