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Long Dutch question obscures response buttons

I was just revising the Dutch lesson on numbers, and it came up with a "choose the correct translation" question for this: "Twenty-nine is more than twenty-eight, twenty-eight is more than twenty-seven, and twenty-seven is more than twenty-six." Of course, with three alternative Dutch translations of this already very long phrase, they didn't fit in the space properly, and overlapped the "Check" button, so that I could not press it. The "Skip" button was visible, but unresponsive. Because I could neither score the question nor skip it, I could not proceed to the "Report a Problem" button, to explain that the layout was corrupted. My only option was to leave the page. Luckily, I was only on Question 2, so haven't wasted an awful lot of time and effort, but would have been very annoyed if it had happened on Question 17 of 17!

May 18, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Sorry about that. ;( You can always use the Enter button on your keyboard though.


    Haha - bit late for that! I've spent all this time pressing "Check", not realising I could also have used "Enter". I suppose at least I'll know if it happens again, although I'm not sure if it was responding at all, to anything, as I could not skip either, even though that button was unobscured. :(

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