"They are coming from the island."

Translation:Adadan geliyorlar.

May 18, 2015

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Why is "adadan geliyor" incorrect? I thought you could use the 3rd person singular as the plural verb ending, no?


Only if the pronoun/subject is stated clearly.

Onlar adadan geliyor. is correct but if you omit 'onlar' you have to add -ler/-lar


why isn't adadan onlar geliyor correct? i thought locations should appear first in the sentence


First of all adadan is not the locative case. It's the ablative case since it has the ending -den/-dan.

Let me share the order to place words in a sentence in a neutral way (the best sounding way without any emphasis on a specific element). There might be exceptions to it but it should usually be like this.

Subject + Subordinate clause + Locative + Accusative + Ablative + Dative + Adverb + Nominative + Verb

It's also true that we put the locative case into the very beginning of the sentence (before the subject) in daily speaking. You might be talking about this but I think it's better to stick with the neutral form in Duolingo unless you want to stress a specific element/information in a sentence.

Adadan onlar geliyor is also correct but they cannot provide every possible sentence order as a correct solution for some reason.


memine2 why isn't adadan onlar geliyor correct?

It is because in "adadan onlar geliyor", the emphasis is on "ONLAR/THEY" while in the given sentence the emphasis is given on "ISLAND/Ada". Hope it further clarifies :)


Because in "Adadan onlar geliyor" the emphasis is on "onlar/they" while in the asked sentence the emphasis is given on "island/adadan". Hope this further clarifies :)


Onlar adadan geliyor .. it is considered correct. Is not it ?


Does the apostrophe between ada and dan matter? I placed one and it said I had a typo.


You cannot put it unless you are naming the island. You could say, for example, Büyükada'dan, but not just ada'dan

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