"Can you put it in the box?"

Translation:Kan du putte den i kassen?

May 18, 2015

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what's the difference between sætte/putte?

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    Put on(to) = Sætte på

    Put in(to) = Putte (ind/ned/op/hen osv.) i

    So for example, you would say "Jeg sætter den på hylden" ("I am putting it on the shelf") and "Jeg putter den ind i reolen" ("I am putting it into the bookcase")


    I think that it is a bit more complex

    You could also say, "at sætte ind i noget".

    For example: Jeg sætter kopperne ind i skabet = I am putting the cups in the cabinet.

    Eller sætte noget ned på jorden.


    The other answers are very good. It's just like the difference between "to set' and 'to put' in English. Set and put and often be used interchangeably but when you use the word 'set' it implies that the object is going to remain balanced there at least for a short time. Thus, where you can set a picture or a plate on a table (or on the ground or in a cabinet for that matter) or you could 'put' it there too, you could not 'set' a picture on the wall. Why? Because it would not be balanced and fall off. Conversely, you can 'put' a picture on the wall, or even a plate (my aunt put many decorative plates with fine art on them on the walls she puts them there but you can say set as they are not balanced on the walls. hope this helps


    Why is it 'den' instead of 'det'?


    It could be both. Depending on what you are putting in the box


    Yeah, but in this case, both should be accepted :/


    So I got this for a speaking exercise, I hovered over the word "put" and it said "putte" so that's what I said. It had a lot of trouble hearing me but managed to hear "I... kassen" which apparently was enough. But more interestingly, it corrected the sentence to "Kan I sætte den i kassen?"

    Why would it tell me the translation is putte then correct it to sætte? Are both applicable here?


    Is "ind i" insread of "i" correct?


    Again, det is marked wrong, but there's no way of knowing it should be den???

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