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Practicing Turkish outside of Turkey

In the place I recently moved to, there are many Turkish shops and restaurants. I am tempted to try out the (very) little bit I know of the language but I am not sure in what situations that could be appropriate. I'm not afraid of making a fool of myself as long as people don't find my sad attempts offensive or irritating. Any thoughts?

May 18, 2015



I read that you live in Germany. I highly recommend that you look for a tandem partner :) There are many facebook groups for this (usually one for every city, e.g. Heidelberg ) and there are usually many Turkish people looking for tandem partners but unfortunately not so many Germans are learning Turkish so you can easily find people to practice with :)


Soll ich eigentlich machen!


Aaaand I wrote in German by mistake, but I suppose it works just fine :)


Ah, just go for it! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but you will at least learn by trying. And I think shops and restaurants are your best bet because they want to interact with you and it will probably make people a little happy. Just smile. :)

Also, you might wanna think through possible replies to what you say. That can really throw you off if you don't know what to expect. :)

What country are you in may I ask? What will be your fall back language when you run out of Turkish? :)

Maybe we should brainstorm and work together on this to help push each other to do it! Check with me on my stream sometime if you'd like to and we'll see what we can come up with! :)


Thank you! I will go for it. :) I am in Germany.


Turkish people welcome it


Just start talking, and then, directly after explain that you want to learn turkish, and all will be happy, ever after:)


Like most of the nationalities, Turkish people love it when someone makes an effort to speak their language. You will see they will bend over backwards to accommodate you.


Just start by saying "Kolay gelsin" to people who are working. :)

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