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To the Duolingo staff

I wrote previously about what looks like glitches on the site. Everything looks much better, but it looks like the lessons I'm doing now are all for words listed on the previous lesson. So I'm in Adjectives 4 on French, and when I finished lesson 6 the words I worked on were listed under 5, when I finished lesson 7 the words were listed under 6....... I wouldn't have said anything, if I'm being tested on all the words, I don't care the order. However it looks like when I finish lesson 10 which will be for words from 9, I won't get to learn/practice words listed under lesson 10. I know you guys are working on it so just wanted to let you know what I'm seeing. Thanks a lot.

May 18, 2015



You should post this under troubleshooting, I think that it is more likely to be seen there.


Great, hopefully they will see it soon. You can also send a report in by scrolling to the bottom of THIS page, and clicking "contact us".


When I take a Spanish quiz I have no idea what the scores mean? I went from .55 to 1.36 /5 but no definition as to why. Please advise. JIM


Hi, Jim, completely agree with this. I don't know if it's specific to the Spanish course but I've done the quiz a few times and the scoring has never made any kind of sense at all. I just take it as a different kind of practice - it's not like you get anything for a perfect score anyway.

I've just noticed this thread is years old so apologies if no one cares now ;)


I have a similar problem. I just finished the French topic "People" (6 lessons) with the fanfare and everything but now it says I've completed 4/6 of them. The new lessons for 5 & 6 are covering words it taught me earlier.


there is a glitch on German present verbs 4, graduation from the verb column beginning with zahlen and ending with versteht does not seem possible even after successful completion


I just found out a really nice feature on Duolingo. Before any questions I asked on lesson question boards, would be sort of in limbo. I would only know if I got a responce by checking my email, but questions that never got answered, other than writing the question down and searching for them, there was no way for me to find them, to know they weren't answered, to then go ahead and research the question on my own. Now, as you all may know, theres a followed "tab" on the discussion board that compiles them for you, answered or not, really great!

However, in the glitches I refered to having written about previously in my original post above, had to do with not being able to pass some lessons. I did the lesson and it wouldn't reconized it as having been finished. Thats been fixed which is great, but it looks like questions I asked on a few boards are not appearing on my followed "tab" so looks like those also were not recognized along with the lesson completion. The truth is I don't know when I asked the questions and since the lessons weren't recognized I thought that maybe that is where the question I asked, but can't find, were. Either way there is another issue here in some way with the questions.


Hi! I like to use each step of language practice within my screen so I don't have to keep scrolling down with every question to see the answer or if I got the question or skill right or not and the correct answer. I use the click and enlarge and try to move the borders around to no avail. How can I make your lesson pages the right size so I can just use my enter key and move more quickly through the exercises. Also I think you should have a "Layout" or technical help kind of area. Thanks!

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