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Problems with different languages settings

I can't change goals for different languages on my iPad Duolingo. I used to be able to set a 'serious' goal for German, a 'regular' goal for Spanish, and a 'casual' goal for French. Now, if I set one language at 'serious,' they all are. Also, after I complete a day's goal in one language, the program tells me I'm on track for the day for the next language I change to, when I haven't even started it. Is anyone having the same problem, am I missing something, or does anyone know what's causing it. It used to work fine!

May 18, 2015

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Before streaks used to be separate with each language, and having to reach each goal to keep the streak in those languages. Now there is only the daily streak if you reach your goal. I think the separate goals left along the the separate streaks.

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