"Vous êtes responsables."

Translation:You are responsible.

December 25, 2012

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"Vous êtes responsables." and "Vous êtes responsable." are both accepted in French depending of whom we're talking to. The first refers to the pronoun "vous" in the plural form and therefore "responsables" takes a "s" because it's plural. The second one refers to the pronoun "vous" but in the polite form and therefore "responsable" doesn't have a "s" because it's singular. Thus both forms are accepted because we don't know in the sentence "You are responsible." if we refer to a particular person or to a group.


you are right.


Is this used in both the complimentary sense ("He does his homework promptly, he is responsible.") and in the more specific construct of being accountable for a particular occurrence ("You are responsible for completing this assignment by tomorrow.") ?


Yes, "responsable" can be positive or negative in meaning, depending on context.


Oh, really? A minute ago you said I was useless, Duo!


Vous ètes responsables is plural not singular, so here there are a mistake


Reminder: "vous" can be one person you address formally, or 2+ people.


Mistake is singular not plural.


'Who's responsible? You * are.' Further proof that polyglot owls love Welsh rock'n'roll.


Well, the problem is typing from what was read to me. "Vous êtes responsables." How could I know whether it is plural or singular? DL is just too mean.


I disabled the audio exercise so that this does not happen again.


It doesn't accept "You all are responsible." Maybe if I would've put "Y'all"?


No, it doesn't take y'all either. I know I don't need it but it does clarify the you plural. I feel it should be accepted.


You don't need "all".


I just listened to the audio sooo many times ...I do understand the written... but I cannot understand the audio, for help I tried to listen to google translate for the pronunciation. google translate is not the best for audio either... but the one sentence sounds as if they were two different languages.

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