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bate que bate


Can somebody please translate the sentence "bate que bate".

I only found bate -> racket and batir -> punch

but this doesn't help me finding the meaning of this sentence.


May 15, 2012



What context was it in?


It is the refrain of a song. Here is the hole text of the refrain:

Y haciendo palmas y arriba y arriba es el coro que arranca que dice que dice bate que bate el chocolate bate que bate bate que bate que bate el chocolate

I hope this helps...



I'm afraid I can't answer your question, but this link might do the trick! Hope it is helpful, it seems to make sense - in as much as song lyrics don't always make sense anyway!


"bate que bate" is usually used for rhyme purposes in a song or poem (Verb. BATIR: MIX a liquid substance) the phrase draws a mental image of someone REPEATEDLY mixing a liquid substance. Hope my english is good enough to make this clear.


"bate que bate" = "mixing and mixing". Same rule for translating this also applies to almost any other verb: llora que llora = crying and crying. besa que besa = kissing and kissing. chupa que chupa = ??? -> I don't know how to say "chupar" in english...


Chupar, as far as I understand it, is to "down" a drink. That was the context it was always used when I was in ecuador. I think literally it means swallow?


I found out: Swallow is "TRAGAR". Chupar translates "suck". "chupa que chupa, el pan de azucar" is from a song I remember.

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